plastic fabrication and welding
plastic fabrication and welding

B.A. & N. Whipp offers plastic welding and fabrication for many types of plastics. Our workshop, located In the Sutherland Shire, southern Sydney, is fully equiped to produce custom made solutions to materials handling, storage, plumbing and electrical problems including fabrication, repairs, modifications and welding. Contact    today to find out how we can meet your plastic welding and fabrication needs.

clear PVC vacuum tank
compartment trays
conveyor belt sensor
drain outlet
drum bin hinged lid
clear PVC vacuum tank
compartment trays for parts, QANTAS
conveyor belt sensor black HDPE
drain outlet PVC to be used on a flat roof with PVC membrane
200 litre drum containment bin with hinged lid for acid
exhaust hood
grease gun boxes
hawker leading edge box
HDPE pipe sensor
large tank and bunding
exhaust hood with valve polypropylene
these labelled polypropylene boxes have been sent to maintenance bases worldwide
leading edge parts box, a place for everything and everything in its place, Boeing
hdpe pipe sensor for the mining industry
large tank and bunding PP
machine guards
megabin mods
parts bin
parts storage bin
plating barrel
machine guards 1200mm diameter polypropylene
megabin modification, sliding liftout panel
parts bin with compartments for transporting parts safely to and from, in this case, anodizers
parts storage bin for delicate aircraft engine parts, QANTAS
small plating barrel made from PVC and PP
polypropylene wash tub
sink wash bin
small PVC tanks
stackable trays
storage bins with lids
polypropylene wash tub
sink wash bin PP for Randwick TAFE
small PVC tanks with lids
tapered stackable trays polypropylene
large polypropylene bins with reinforced corners, QANTAS
switch covers
transport case
transport trays
in-line water trap PVC
switch covers in PVC
foam-lined transport case for LCD screen, PP
transport trays for fan assembly, QANTAS
laundry trolley polypropylene in galvanised frame
in-line water trap in PVC

plastic fabrication and welding